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Faye - Graphic Design and Animation Intern

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Hi! I’m Faye I’m 16 years old and I am currently a Graphic Design and Animation Intern here at CatStrand Youth Arts in New Galloway. CatStrand is a buzzing hive of activity and caters for all ages and provides entertainment in the form of Art Exhibitions, Workshops, Fab Arty Gift Shop, Lush Café (carrot cake is a must try!!) and even Live Shows in a fantastic State of the Art Auditorium!

Now where do I fit in?

Well at the moment I’m fairly new but I’m hoping to enhance my skills in Animation and Graphic Design. I’m a Higher Student, hoping to secure a University place next year, here’s hoping that this internship will look great on my CV! I have enjoyed being a CatStrand Youth Volunteer since I was 13, that’s when I joined JumpCut Film Productions here at the Centre. We make short films in different genres with a separate summer project, this year we were taught how to use green screen techniques. As volunteers we have achieved some awesome results within the New Galloway Community, from the Time Casual project to the Telephone Box Youth Booth. I’ve noticed people always leave here with a smile including me! I’m always excited to work here, along with such a friendly bunch of staff who are always happy to help.

Now back to my Internship. I have a number of ongoing projects at the moment ranging from Life Drawing and Animation with Kayleigh West, check out her amazing Instagram page irosestudios! We have drawing sessions together working on anatomy in particular focusing on hands and facial features. I must admit it wasn’t my strong point but with Kayleigh’s MASSIVE amount of patience I’ve begun to improve! We are hoping to progress my drawings into making a moving animation piece. This will give me great skills to add to my portfolio and sketchbooks for university. Here’s hoping this takes them to the next level.

I’m also scheduled to participate in some Graphic Design work experience, watch out 'The Stove at Dumfries' here I come. I’ve already had a great introduction day with Jamie Stryker (their Graphic Designer) and I look forward to some photoshop training with them soon but will keep you posted!!!

Lastly as part of my Internship I get to see and work behind the scenes at CatStrand in the form of a shadowing day. To understand Art Management, I shall be helping out in the office as well as reception along with a detailed discussion with our Arts, Culture and Heritage Manager. This will certainly help me to understand the day to day running of a busy Art Centre. It will also give me great insight on how to become a freelance Artist and hopefully display my work across the UK!

I would like to thank all the staff at CatStrand for giving me such a warm welcome to the centre. It’s been such a good start I cannot wait to take this internship further and achieve some amazing results!

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