Internships & Training

Our youth arts programme offers paid internship opportunities tailored to you in any creative area.

- From 6 week - 6 month paid placements for 16-25 year olds.

- At our arts venue in new Galloway we can offer technical training in areas such as sound desk, lighting desk and projection kit set up, as well as marketing or programming opportunities with our various arts programmes.  


- We also partner with other organisations. This year we have assisted an intern to attend the Glasgow Film Festival and another to write music reviews for Small Town Sounds. In the past interns have attended photo shop training at Edinburgh University, Independent Cinema Office screening days and the Edinburgh International Film Festival. 

- Since 2017 we've had interns on placements focusing on film, music, gaming, back stage tech, graphic design, arts admin and theatre. 

- Our current interns are focusing on sound production and graphic design / animation. 

Come and speak to us about current opportunities, or any experiences that you think you could benefit from and we'll see what we can do to make it happen! 

Email or call Jamie on 01644 420 374